Returning the Eternal Flame

Daen Stonehammer - A new life - Day 4

We have spent two days traveling with Jara, she’s a good enough woman but does not give her savior Tongar due credit for his deeds. It saddens me to see such courage thrown on the wayside. The valley has been peaceful and forgiving as we pass almost as if the gods themselves are protecting our voyage. We were informed by Mel that he had seen an organized party of gnolls moving up to the pyre and they were chanting to some savage god. It makes sense that religious fervor would cause them to organize, I wonder if I’ll have a chance to greet this savage being with my axe.
We reached the city of Fallcrest, and it’s quite large in population but not in grandeur apparently there’s a bit of silent war going on between the church of Pelor and the Raven Queen’s disciples. Jara said that their new pastor Conrad, was organizing a Pelor revival and disappeared. She thinks that it was the rival church, but as I am sworn to follow my initial three tasks I will have to come back later to investigate what sort of treachery has befallen the city.
While we were there Jara had our names placed in their resident Book of Heroes, the worse part about these times is that the book was blank until our names were added. I found that these companions however unusual were strangely easy to get along with and good traveling companions. After preparing for the long road ahead stained with gnoll blood we set off out to hunt some more down. About a half a day out into the wild while Aelan and Mel were scouting out ahead, they located a strange ritual site. Under closer observation it was the heart of the gnoll threat. A pair of savage gnoll acolytes were stacking remains of victims on a large alter, I felt Kord’s power course through me as anger and rage for the fallen, and how obscenely their remains were abused.
To my comrades bewilderment I stepped into the sites clearing loudly reciting Kord’s war-song the gnolls seemed completely dumbfounded. Once I had walked, yes walked to closing distance I called on the divine might of my great god and challenged one to face me in the court of combat. It recoiled from the compulsion to fight me and then with the greatest strength and valor I could muster I drew my axe to my bare hand and with a blood oath covered my axe in sacred crimson.
I swung hard and full of purpose striking the enemy true. As I promised you Kord he was staggered as my axe cleaved deep in his core. The fight went rough from there, with vile curse and pained chants of the damned these dark creatures brought us to the brink of death I myself thought that I would be feasting in Kord’s great hall that day. It was Aelan who saved us, the frail young thing risked life and limb in order to see victory. With her strength I count her among your few blessed. Our dark and shady warlock kept on of the vile creatures at bay while Mel’s arrows flew straight and true. Tongar the great man at my back was there with his mysterious rune of healing which only fed the fires of war in my heart.
After what felt like ages the two fell dead at our assault. As they fell the beast they had set the alter for came forth from some foreign nightmare.
Seeing the battle worn fatigue on their faces and feeling the weight of combat bleed the vitality out of me, we withdrew to safer distance. After we had killed the heart of the gnoll threat and with no connection to this demon the gnolls will soon disband and ony be a minor inconvenience at times.
Now as I polish the foul blood out of my armor and axe I look to these few, and think that this road is blessed by the great god Kord and by his hand I will bring a balance back to the field of combat. We make our way back to chayllin’s camp now, once there I plan to double my efforts training and growing stronger.



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