Returning the Eternal Flame

Daen Stonehammer - A new life - Day One

Today was the first day of my new life, it had been years since I had seen the outside world. Though the great halls of Kord were sanctuary, I had come to miss the open steppe. It was not long on my way to find my place in the world that I came to a strange parchment seemingly floating on a tree.
No doubt it was Kord’s might illuminating my path. As I solved the paper’s riddle, my world shifted and to my surprise I found myself lying on a stone floor. The room was strangely comforting and reminded me of the masonry of home. Surveying the room I found I was not alone. A young human man was skulking in the corner trying hard not to be seen. Unfortunately for him a large armored hound of sorts sat in front of his hiding spot apparently trying to make sense of the man I suppose.
After some small chat I find that the young man’s name is Mell…. Mellal… gah! Just Mel for now I guess. Some time later a sound came from the hearth the where I had come to be in this place ther lay a goliath. I found he called himself Tongar, and was accustomed to the company of dwarves. I find this place to be much less uneasy with him here as company. A few hours later a human woman with a wild ellegance appeared. Her name was Aelandriel. A warlock with a shady appearence showed up as well.
We spent the remainder of the day looking about and feasting trying to gain some sense of eachother’s mettle. This is an unusual happenstance even for a travelling champion of Kord. I have faith that glory will find me on this road so long as my courage holds me true.



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