Returning the Eternal Flame

Daen Stonehammer - A new life - Day Two

On the second day in this strange stone quarters my companions and I watched as the hearth burst forward with violet flame and a large visage of a metal face appeared. He then asked if we were courageous and full of valor, all of us who stood there without hesitation I stepped forward. To my surprise the others did as well, and Tongar stepped up to the hearth and faded from view. I followed suit and found myself outside in a deep forest shortly after, Mel and the other appeared.
There standing before us was a large encampment of sorts. In formation in front of that were a strange race of canine creatures I would later find out were called dog men. Their leader was Chayllin a person of manner not so different than my own. Her mind always seem to revolve around her pack, her family. She instructed us that Brim, the face in the fire wished to see us forged in efforts to prove our worth. This to me was just what i’d been waiting for, a chance to fight courageously to prove my worth to Kord. Once a strange elixir was poured and formal oath given by my peers and myself we got to business.
We were given three tasks to conquer; the first was that a strange new gnoll threat made it difficult for Chayllin’s tribe to move so we were to find them and eliminate the threat. The second was to secure an old tower ruin from kobolds who infested the area. And the third was to clear out an old crypt so that the tribe may set up a base on the outskirts of the town of Fallcrest. Once we had our quests and what information they could tell us about each task we ate and drank before setting off. The rascal’s spirits were stronger than I thought. After some hours of recovery from my ill attempt at trying to out drink some of these dog-men we set off to find some gnolls.
Our first descent into the valley was met with near disaster as an Ettin crashed through the forest and uprooted some trees. Fearing for the lives of my companions so we took to the tree line and he passed by not noticing us. In that moment I was back to that dark day on the tundra where the snow ran red. We stuck to the tree line from that point on, some hours later we caught sight of a gnoll archer with a pack of hyena’s. I managed to keep the hyena’s attention while Mel and Aelan kept fire on the gnoll, Tongar fought with powers I had not seen the like of before. It was as if he could heal with one hand and harm with the other. Though I did not land a killing blow I swear Kord that I will strike true in the next combat. We dispatched the gnoll quickly, he was carrying a holy symbol of Pelor. It must have belonged to some poor victim so I’ll hold on to it until we find out more. We piled the bodies into a large pyre and had Mel stay behind to see if reinforcements show.
The rest of use tracked the origin of the gnoll and came across the remains of three humans who were ambushed there were tracks of a forth. Tongar found her on the face of a cliff, he risked his life to save her. I was amazed at the courage he displayed, it would seem that this is the right road for me after all. Come to find out the symbol of Pelor belonged to a friend of this girl so I felt it was only right to let her keep it. Jara, the girl we rescued was all to happy when we offered to escort back to Fallcrest. On our way back tot the forest line we picked up Mel and made camp for the eve. There we learned some interesting information about the gnolls. But I’m tired and will have to fill it in at a later date. Kord give me the strength to be valorous to every end.



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