Returning the Eternal Flame

Into the depths

encounter crypt ardun

Well, after wandering around with these people for a few days after the debacle with the gnolls, we have finally decided to just carefully insert our presence into the graveyard in hopes of finding this crypt and book for the Raven Queen folks.

Our first steps into the graveyard were met with immediate response from the forces guarding this formerly hollow ground. After learning that most of what is at least patrolling the ground is weak against the cleansing fire of star light, and a few skirmishes we decided to regroup and rethink our approach to the situation. Interestingly enough one of the humanoid undead seemed to respond to us, “Free me.” was all it said. It also seems as though we aren’t the first travelers through this area. We found a Pact Dagger within one of the corpse’s head. Evidently scaling the 70’ wall is the best way to leave a graveyard… these people are going to get me killed or worse.

After much discussion we decided that instead of taking a indirect root and trying to get the lay of the land we would just carefully press forward on path through the center of the graveyard. Amazingly we didn’t come across any patrols that had hampered our previous attempt. Maybe we were more careful or maybe we were just more lucky this time. There seems to be 3 mausoleums; two in serious disrepair. The party consensus is to look inside the one that is still in decent shape. As we approached the doors one of the guard patrols stumbled upon us. I was already on my way to check out the rear of the building when they stumbled upon the rest of the group. They seemed to do fine without me however as upon my return they were all still awake at least.

The beat-stick lizard-kin decided that instead of trying the handle his hammer would work better… he was wrong as it rebounded from the door with no noticeable effects. We opened the doors and I urged everyone to move inside to avoid another patrol and closed the doors after us. The room had 2 sarcophagi, some prayer benches and a couple of nude statues with ornaments. The crunchy dwarf read the inscriptions of the sarcophagi aloud and the forest fellow decided it was a great idea to open the one with the word “hunter” in the description. The sarcophagus was of course, trapped and lit everyone on fire. After that fun, he decided it was an awesome idea to take what was inside, much to the protest of Crunchy and the Livestock.

Amazingly the usually subdued Livestock decided to grab him and pick him up to stop him from robbing the grave. Hell, if it’s not us it’s going to be someone after we finish this thing. Fight in-sues, with beat-stick missing Livestock horribly, me trying to separate everyone with some tough love and finally Crunchy defusing Beat-stick with some words. Must have been too much for him to handle. After some discussion Wonder-Woman decided to close the sarcophagus and it was decided that if the item inside was unprotected we’d take it with us to the remnants of the family.

After the wondrous fight… Crunchy and the Livestock decided to take the ornamental sword and shield from the male and female statuses respectively. While everyone else was up at the other end of this building the forest fellow decided to check the trap on the sarcophagus again. It went off a second time. Wow.

Paperweights in hand, we decided to leave and look at the other two buildings. Upon leaving the first one we were met with a maw and a few zombies. Same kind of zombies that had spoken to us earlier. This time felt different than the last though. The maw caused more to rise from the ground and we made quick work of him and his new additions. Strangely, the weaker ones seemed to be focused on the ornamental sword. Beat-stick shoved the last new addition’s head through his pelvis with great downward vertical force as it said something about being released. Not sure, but didn’t think the weaker undead usually talked. None of the 4 original zombies did anything hostile and it was decided we would see what happened with them following us. We checked out the other two buildings.

The second building was setup much as the first but had the section with the statues completely destroyed and the sarcophagi seemed to have been opened from the inside. Where the building was destroyed was a fissure, rather deep fissure. The undead that were accompanying us seemed to respond to the sarcophagi in this building. We followed the edge of the fissure and it lead to the last of the mausoleums. This one the fissure basically destroyed, the fissure raised the ground as if something had come out of it and upon a closer look we found a stairway down. Crunchy passed off the sword to Wonder-Woman and our new friends that were previously focused on the sarcophagi in this building seemed perplexed by this action and started to stare at her.

After very little discussion we decided to partake in a little spelunking. At the bottom of the roughly cut stairs a room opened up with some kind of sentient ooze. After a long hard fight of Crunchy playing the part of a weeble-wobble, and finding out that the green oozes liked to eat people and didn’t like fire or searing lights, everyone exhausted we decided to look around and found some money and items that seemed like they would be useful. After discussing, yet again, whether to rest or press on, this shouldn’t have been a hard decision, we decided to press on, wrong decision as we were jumped immediately upon opening the door at the end of this room…



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