Returning the Eternal Flame

9/10 Brim: The Adventuring Has Begun

Brim: 09/10/10

The call has been answered by 5 Adventurers.  Something in their blood set them apart, allowed them to be found.  I'm glad my expenses were not fruitless.

Chaylin does not seem to think much of them.  Maybe she sees something to worry about that I do not; maybe she is just jealous.  I heard back that she even "forgot" giving them the magical gear I provided.  And the healing power fruit.  But they seem to have made friends with the younger Dogmen.  Daen the Dwarf challenged (was it Grhuuff?  Grahhuff?  I swear sometimes …) one of the rank-and-file to a drinking contest.  The Dogmen were so proud to win, now they like these Adventurers even more.  But this is of course good for us all.

They took on my 3 quests to prove themselves, and I'm relieved to hear they took my oath.  It would have been tragic if they had wanted to drink my expensive (oh, to think of what that cost me!) Elixer of Experience without granting me fidelity.  How would I ever be able to trust them?

Hopefully they will compete these 3 tests quickly, gaining the strength and insight they will need.  Then I can talk with them about why I called for Heroes of Virtue.



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