House Rules

The following is a list of expectations for Gamers who partisipate in any of my campaigns.

#1  No whining.

#2  The DM's word is law; but good reasoning may change the rule for following game sessions.  I will be interpreting "rules as intended".  If you are a rule-lawyer, I am not your DM.  Link to Rulings.

#3  RP'ing is not required, but it makes the game fun.  Acting in-character will be rewarded.  Acting in a way clearly in opposition to your character to avoid a consequence will be noticed by the gods.

#4  I will make mistakes, you will make mistakes, your team will make mistakes … and it will all be fine.

#5  This is a dangerous world.  Rocks fall … everyone dies.  Always come prepared with an alternate character, one level below your main character.

#6  We will be using standardized tools:  4E rules, Character Builder, Obsidian Portal.  If you don't have access to an account, please let me know.

#7  Bring your own mini or appropriate sized character token.  Bring dice, character sheet, and character builder file.  I will have many books, but having the books that detail your race, class, path, abilities, etc is convenient.  This is only a request, so we can keep the game moving.

#8  Be polite and let other people do their own math and strategies.  If this becomes a problem, you will be asked to leave.

#9  Keep the play moving.  Start on time.  We will take breaks, but during gaming, no texting, cell phones, side gaming, etc.

#10  If you can't make a game day, please let me know and designate a player for your character.  If you don't trust lending your character, I will do my best to "park" them in the game; but I will not play your character.

#11  Seriously, no whining.

#12  Did I mention no whining. No whining, just in case i missed it.

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