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Has there ever been a time of peace?  A time of safety and security?  A time better than now?

Your world is fractured and healing from old wars.  Most people of the world live in ignorant squalor.  Few are literate.  Keepers of history tell stories of how Elf Wizards, followers of Bane, attacked from the sky and warred against the civilized races.  There remains great untrust for spell casters.  Rumors abound of magic hidden away, of secret societies of evil.

Communities have rebuilt, but keep to themselves.  Few brave souls travel the land, for fear of monsters.  There is little trade, led mostly by outcasts willing to travel.  They tell of port cities where Sea Elves and Halflings have made peace, Dragonborn citdels where the proud have resumed history and education, of immense cities of Humans filled with petty vindettas.  Hidden shrines, filling with new followers.  Ancient grievances waiting to be repaid.

If the world is to be a better place, who will rise to take the reins?

Returning the Eternal Flame

Clasomin Vinsic